The Long-Standing Pain Points of Condeco Software: A Time-Cost Analysis

In any organization, time is money. Wasted time translates into financial losses, reduced productivity, and decreased morale. For companies that rely on room and resource booking systems like Condeco Software, inefficiencies, bugs, and long-promised-but-never-delivered improvements can significantly impact the organization’s bottom line. Let’s dive into the pain points that Condeco users have been facing and discuss the associated time and cost implications for an organization of 500 users.

Pain Points

Despite its advanced features and capabilities, Condeco has several long-standing pain points that have caused frustration among its user base.

User Interface and User Experience

Condeco’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) have been reported as less than intuitive. Navigating through multiple screens and tabs to book a meeting room or a desk can be a time-consuming process. This not only frustrates users but also wastes valuable time that could be spent on productive tasks.

Software Bugs and Glitches

Like any software, Condeco has its share of bugs and glitches. From issues with booking recurring meetings to problems with displaying the correct room availability, these software issues have been a thorn in the side of Condeco users. While software issues are expected to some degree, the frustration lies in the fact that many of these bugs have been reported repeatedly over the years, with promises of fixes that are slow to arrive.

Integration Issues

Many Condeco users have expressed concerns about the software’s integration with other platforms, particularly Microsoft 365. Issues range from problems with the Outlook add-in to difficulties linking Condeco bookings with Teams meetings. These integration problems have resulted in wasted time as users have to manually reconcile their Condeco bookings with their calendar events.

Lack of Instant Access to Booking Resources

Perhaps one of the most significant pain points for Condeco users is the lack of instant access to booking resources. Users often have to navigate through multiple screens to access the resources they need, which is particularly problematic for organizations that frequently book meeting rooms or desks. This can lead to delayed bookings, double bookings, and overall inefficiency.

Time-Cost Analysis for an Organization of 500 Users

To quantify the financial impact of these issues, let’s consider an organization with 500 Condeco users. Suppose each user spends an additional five minutes daily navigating the Condeco system due to the issues mentioned above.

Five minutes per day translates to 25 minutes per week (assuming a five-day workweek), or roughly 1,300 minutes (21.67 hours) per year. Multiply this by 500 users, and you have approximately 650,000 minutes, or 10,833.33 hours wasted annually.

If we consider an average hourly rate of $50 (which could be much higher for many professional roles), the cost implication of these inefficiencies could reach over $541,666 per year.

The Ideal Scenario: Zero or One Click Away

A more efficient system would allow users to book resources instantly, with zero or one click. This would not only save valuable time but also reduce frustration among users. It’s clear that for an organization of 500 users, the time savings and thus the financial benefits could be substantial.

Reducing the booking process to zero or one click could cut the time wasted down from five minutes to one minute per day, translating into an annual saving of around 433,333 minutes, or 7,222.22 hours. In monetary terms, this could mean a saving of over $361,111 per year for our hypothetical organization.


While Condeco Software offers many advanced features that assist organizationsin managing their workspace resources, the persistent issues and inefficiencies that users face have significant time and cost implications. As we have quantified, even minor delays in the booking process can lead to substantial losses for an organization, both in terms of time and financial resources.

The call for a more streamlined and efficient system, with instant access to booking resources, is loud and clear from the user base. An ideal scenario would be a zero or one-click system that allows users to quickly and easily book the resources they need, saving valuable time and reducing frustration.

It’s essential for Condeco, like any software provider, to listen to its user base, address these long-standing issues, and continually work towards improvements. Doing so will not only enhance user satisfaction but will also provide significant time and cost savings for the organizations that utilize their system.

As the digital world continues to evolve, the expectation for intuitive, efficient, and reliable software grows. Companies like Condeco must rise to meet these expectations, ensuring their software solutions are not only powerful but also user-friendly and efficient, providing the best possible value for their customers.

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